About Liberton Investigations

Liberton Investigations is a specialist Investigative Company with a proven track record of uncovering new evidence and ensuring that full Investigations are conducted into all of the facts, not just some. It conducts thorough investigations for the client. In addition to its commercial operations Liberton works for charities in a number of areas both in the UK and overseas and prides itself on ethically completing a mission to a high standard.

Liberton Investigations comprises of a team of operational experts who have been at the cutting edge in UK law enforcement. In their own fields they are experts in crime investigation, the taking of witness statements, forensic, covert, surveillance, protection, and other complimentary skill sets, including disclosure. 

All who work for Liberton comply with the high evidential and ethical standards of the company and all work is overseen and quality assured by the senior Director to provide the client with the best possible service and understanding of what is or has taken place.

Confidentiality is always assured with the client kept informed of progress, consulted and updated as matters progress.

We and all of our contractors comply with The Data Protection Act.

"Every skill set available for investigative and preventive operations for individuals and companies, all delivered ethically, professionally and to the highest standards."