About Russ Whitfield

Russ Whitfield is the senior Director of Liberton Investigations

Russ Whitfield served for over 30 years in the United Kingdom Police Force. Throughout his service he specialised in Criminal Investigation work and led his force for Rape and Sexual Offence Investigation/Prevention, Child Protection, Domestic Violence, Sex Offender risk reduction, Human Trafficking and other vulnerable person crimes. He was a qualified Senior Investigation Officer for homicide, kidnap and extortion, linked major crimes series and a hostage negotiator.

Russ was the lead for Victim Care, Criminal Justice outcomes and Restorative Justice and a member of the National Superintendents Association Crime and Justice Group.

He championed mental health, and disability issue within his Force as well as raising awareness for Race and Ethnic Minority issues.

Russ was an accredited Gold Commander for major Incidents and firearms operations and In his spare time is the Trustee of a Charity which rehabilitates offenders.

"30 years' service in the UK police force culminating in a senior role with operative responsibilities at the highest level."