Investigative Services 

  • National Coverage
  • Evidence Collection
  • Surveillance/covert services
  • Witness Statements/tracing of witness'
  • Assessment of police interviews 
  • Investigative Training
  • Assessment of evidence for appeals
  • Establishing further investigative opportunities
  • Examination of Police disclousure 

Liberton staff are experts across the criminal justice system.

Liberton has a wide understanding of the unique pressures that media interest in a crisis situation can bring and the vision to see how wider issues may effect unpredictable media responses.

It is vitally important when a crisis incident occurs that media briefings are managed, in such a way to accurately and speedily maintain the dignity and respect of the individual or organisation. Liberton can be contacted 24 hours a day and if required be available to attend news or press conferences. They will work with the client, to ensure a correct and meaningful message is delivered to effectively hold or defuse a story until the facts are established and a revised statement issued.

Liberton work on a contractual or case by case basis, for further information please contact us..