For reasons of privacy some of the testimonials must remain anonymous

"I would also take this opportunity to say that recent feedback from a representative was praising the way you dealt with a recent grievance review.

You approached the issues therein with an open mind and dealt with it ‘with common sense’. The officer concerned and the representative were very appreciative."

"Thank you for making two presentations at recent seminars (for senior detectives), the presentations were nothing short of excellent and provided a thorough insight into this complex investigation."

"Thank you for the confirmation email and for your time the other day. I would particularly like to acknowledge that you are (In my opinion) the first person in four years to look at the issues objectively and would like to express my appreciation."

"Russ Whitfield contributed much to the inspection process through his investigative experience, his professional insight and his analytical ability.

These strengths, allied to commendable tact and discretion, were of the greatest assistance in managing an often sensitive and difficult process."

"This needed professional credibility an unflagging commitment to a tight timescale. Russ displayed these qualities in full and was well received by his colleagues.

His ability to work as part of a team and make a strong contribution quickly won their respect through his evident ability to collect, analyse and draw conclusions from extensive data."

"Russ – I'm writing to thank you for all you have done on ***** behalf and to congratulate you on behalf of catching the man responsible.

I want to thank you a thousand times for the way that ***** was helped by your department. I am sure you helped make a nightmarish experience just about possible to bear.

I shall always feel indebted to you. I know that the quality of your work really helped to alleviate a humiliating and damaging crime. "

Multiple Sex Offence

"Russ gave his time for free to advise us on health and safety logistics for a large charity event we were running. His expertise potentially saved us some major headaches and his cool, practical head on the day were invaluable for a successful event."