With over 30 years’ experience as a Police Officer including as a detective and Senior Investigating Officer, Liberton Investigations was established by Russ Whitfield to provide the legal profession, companies and individuals with commercial and criminal investigations, expert advice and most importantly evidence to establish the truth.

Quality investigative work can make all the difference to individuals and companies who face problems either with civil or criminal prosecutions.

With accurate and insightful evidence collection and reporting of the concise facts, we can assist even the most experienced in-house team or legal practice. Often on their own individuals and companies may not possess the experience or understanding of police methodology and the responsibility on all parties who face the civil or criminal justice system.

As well as investigations, Liberton offers a wide range of complimentary services which are fully detailed within this website.

In 2012 we were engaged to investigate all aspects of the investigation pre-trial of Ched Evans.  This includes the performance of the North Wales Police and the action undertaken by the defence. We were also were engaged to review the conviction, trace and investigate potential new evidence including witnesses.

‘Liberton have been instrumental in providing Ched’s new defence team of Draycott Browne and David Emanuel of Garden Court Chambers with professionally taken statements and expert knowledge of how a police investigation should proceed’
Karl Massey

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