Discreet & Professional Corporate Private Investigator

Liberton Investigations is made up of highly skilled private investigators, with comprehensive knowledge and experience of the corporate world. We work closely with corporate businesses to deliver discreet and professional corporate investigation services. We can assist in areas such as due diligence, business partner checks, client checks, fraud, debtor tracing and legal investigations.

Thorough and Meticulous Corporate Investigation Services

We understand the importance of discretion in business. At Liberton Investigations, everything we do is entirely confidential and completed without a trace. Every member of the Liberton Investigations team is either an ex-senior or specialist British police detective or former intelligence/military operative. Our expertise has been developed over years of public service in complex environments. This provides us with a unique set of skills that makes us the very best at what we do. We have had significant success in investigating company thefts, losses and employee issues, including theft by employee.

Corporate Private Investigator for Employee Issues

Liberton has had significant success in corporate-level investigations. We are increasingly asked to conduct professional investigations into thefts by employees, employment issues such as sexual harassment and bullying cases within the workplace. We have also assisted a number of companies by providing them with evidence to tackle significant sickness issues in relation to some employees.

Corporate Due Diligence Investigations

Going into business with someone new provides an element of risk, even if it is someone you have a long-standing relationship with. At Liberton Investigations, we understand that ‘getting it wrong’ is likely to have significant financial or reputational implications. Our corporate investigation services help reduce that risk. We can carry out thorough business partner checks, investigate employee theft, validate finances, investigate fraud, check assets and conduct any legal research that is required in relation to due diligence. These services are commonly required in cases such as mergers, buyouts and investment opportunities.

Corporate Crime Investigation

We work closely with corporate law firms to locate key witnesses, will beneficiaries and find usable courtroom evidence that is vital to a case. Our in-depth understanding of the law enables us to investigate everything from simple cases to complex crimes. We always remain within the law and everything we find is fully admissible. Find out more about our corporate law firm investigations here.

Private and Corporate Debtor Tracing Services

Using our unique experience in research and tracing, we are able to locate people who lawfully owe your company money without overstepping the guidelines of the law. We can confidentially trace a person’s location that may be difficult to find. We will also liaise with the appropriate authorities or your legal team.

Cost-Effective Corporate Investigations Services at your Fingertips

We understand how costly issues such as those listed above can be to a company. Liberton Investigations offer a valuable resource which can safeguard you against such issues. Our comprehensive range of services are at your fingertips whenever you need them. Just think of us as an extension of your team. We work with complete transparency and will always provide an upfront cost on a job. If at any point we think the cost may go over our initial quote, we will contact you immediately and talk it through with you. This way of working allows us to build strong ongoing relationships with our clients - something that is very important to us at Liberton Investigations.

If you are a business looking for a corporate private investigator, then please get in touch We welcome all enquiries.

Transparent Pricing

If you require corporate investigation services, we will evaluate your case and provide a fixed cost for the job upfront. This guarantees a fair price with no hidden costs later down the line.

Always Inside the Law

We know the law inside out and carry out all investigations within the guidelines of the law. Importantly, this makes any evidence found by a Liberton corporate private investigator during an investigation, fully useable in court.

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