Wrongful convictions happen across the UK every year. At Liberton Investigations, we work with both individuals and law firms to find usable evidence that proves the innocence of those who have been wrongly convicted. Our team is made up of highly trained and skilled criminal defence investigators, with specialist knowledge of the law. It is our job to help you uncover the truth whilst ensuring that any evidence we find is completely admissible in a court of law.

A Private Investigator in Criminal Defence you can Trust

Whether you are part of a defence team or an individual seeking help, we can help you find vital evidence that will help your case. We have the expertise and resources to run covert surveillance operations, conduct extensive research, do background checks, locate key witnesses and even investigate flawed police procedures that may have led to your conviction.

Our own experience and knowledge of the justice system allows us to investigate the case with meticulous detail, whilst remaining within the parameters of the law. In the past, we have investigated some of the most serious crimes from homicides, sensitive sex crimes and street crime to complex fraud and cybercrimes. This experience is what makes us the leading criminal defence investigators in the UK.

Your Expert Criminal Defence Investigator

Every member of the Liberton Investigations team has a unique skill set and years of experience in public service, having worked in the most complex environments. We are made up of ex-senior or specialist British police detectives and intelligence/military operatives. These valuable skills enable us to uncover the truth and find useable courtroom evidence to prove your innocence or the innocence of your client.

If you are a law firm looking for a Criminal defence investigator, or you yourself have been wrongfully convicted of a crime, then please get in touch. We welcome all enquiries.

Transparent Pricing

If you require an expert criminal defence investigator, we will evaluate your case and provide a fixed cost for the job upfront. This guarantees a fair price with no hidden costs later down the line.

Always Inside the Law

We know the law inside out and carry out all investigations within the guidelines of the law. Importantly, this makes any evidence found by a Liberton private investigator in criminal defence during an investigation, fully useable in court.

Do you require an expert criminal defence investigator? Get in touch today to discuss your needs