Liberton Investigations is a team of highly trained, skilled private investigators, with specialist knowledge of the law. We work closely with law firms across the UK to provide discreet and professional investigative services, gathering key information or evidence that is fully admissible in a court of law.

As a full-service organisation, Liberton Investigations is able to offer a wide range of expert services. Whether you require evidence gathered, covert surveillance, extensive background checks, due diligence research or a specific person traced, we are trained to complete the job whilst remaining within the law. Our unique set of skills and in-depth understanding of the law makes us the leading law firm investigators in the UK.

Highly Trained and Professional Legal Investigators

Every member of the Liberton Investigations team has been hand-selected due to their valuable experience and unique set of skills. We are made up of ex-senior and specialist British police detectives and intelligence/military operatives. Our expertise in law enforcement and criminal justice has been built up over years of public service in complex environments.

In the past, we have investigated some of the most serious crimes from homicides, sensitive sex crimes and street crime to complex fraud and cybercrimes. Our skills and legal knowledge allows us to help you find useable courtroom evidence that will help your case. We can also trace potential witnesses or persons for a will, complete thorough background checks and even provide training and crime prevention for your clients.

Recommendations from previous clients

Client one:

“Liberton are experts with regards to police procedure in criminal investigations, have experts in the taking of statements, I.T. specialists and others who can assist any defence team pretrial or post conviction. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Client two:

“Liberton Investigations were above and beyond the call of duty in assisting me in a difficult case that took nearly 3 years to come to court. The investigations they did independently gave me the ammunition to fight a difficult case. They are very professional and have an eye for detail and how to navigate the evidence that is put in front of them. They are also a good honest people of integrity. I highly recommend using the services of this company.”

Get in touch if you require a law firm investigator

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Transparent Pricing

If you require an expert law firm investigator, we will evaluate your case and provide a fixed cost for the job upfront. This guarantees a fair price with no hidden costs later down the line.

Always Inside the Law

We know the law inside out and carry out all investigations within the guidelines of the law. Importantly, this makes any evidence found by a Liberton legal investigator during an investigation, fully useable in court.

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