Pre-Employment Screening Private Investigators

Witnesses play a key part in any case, but it is not uncommon for them to refuse involvement due to the pressures of a courtroom environment. We have worked on many cases where key witnesses could be found, and it has been our job to trace them so that they can present vital evidence in a client’s case. We are used to working in delicate situations and can reach out to witnesses on your behalf, tactfully explaining the process and providing support along the way.

Reliable witness tracing services led by experts

We specialise in research, investigations, tracing and surveillance and thanks to our years of experience in public service, have a deep understanding of the criminal justice system. Every member of the Liberton Investigations team is ex-senior/specialist British police detectives and intelligence or military operatives. Our years of experience in complex situations enables us to successfully locate witnesses whilst remaining entirely within the guidelines of the law. Over the years, we have had many successes in locating witnesses and other people that could not be found.

Testimonial from a previous client

“There are times in your life when you need someone to go that extra mile for you and fight your cause. Liberton Investigations were above and beyond the call of duty in assisting me in a difficult case that took nearly 3 years to come to court. The investigations they did independently gave me the ammunition to fight a difficult case. They are very professional and have an eye for detail and how to navigate the evidence that is put in front of them. They are also a good honest people of integrity. I highly recommend using the services of this company.”

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If are having trouble locating witnesses and require professional tracing services, Liberton Investigations would be happy to help with your case. We welcome all enquiries.

Transparent Pricing

If you require adoption investigation services, we will evaluate your case and provide a fixed cost for the job upfront. This guarantees a fair price with no hidden costs later down the line.

Always Inside the Law

We know the law inside out and carry out all investigations within the guidelines of the law. Importantly, this makes any evidence found by a Liberton adoption private investigator during an investigation, fully useable in court.

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