Pre-Employment Screening Private Investigators

Hiring new employees can be an uncertain process for employers. You are entering into a professional agreement with a person you don’t yet know. Liberton Investigations offer a professional employer background check service to safeguard companies and their employees against issues when taking on new staff. We will investigate people without leaving a footprint, so that you can be assured that the person in question is genuine and who they say they are before committing to a professional relationship with them.

Highly Trained Professional Investigators

Every member of the Liberton Investigations team are highly trained, skilled individuals with experience in conducting discreet and thorough investigations. We are made up of ex-senior and specialist British police detectives and intelligence or military operatives. Specialising in investigations, surveillance, research and tracing, our unique set of skills has led to significant success in corporate-level employee background checks. Our in-depth understanding of the law means we know and understand your employment rights.

A Valuable Employer Background Check Service

We believe in building ongoing relationships with our clients, working with them time and time again to provide a solution. We are an extension of your team, offering a valuable and specialist resource for you to use as and when you need. Whether you require pre-employment screening, business partner checks, client checks, fraud investigations or debtor tracing, we are here to assist you. Our team has developed specialist experience and expertise from their many years of public service in complex environments.

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If you are an employer that requires a professional pre-employment screening or employer background check service, then please get in touch. We welcome all enquiries.

Transparent Pricing

If you require adoption investigation services, we will evaluate your case and provide a fixed cost for the job upfront. This guarantees a fair price with no hidden costs later down the line.

Always Inside the Law

We know the law inside out and carry out all investigations within the guidelines of the law. Importantly, this makes any evidence found by a Liberton adoption private investigator during an investigation, fully useable in court.

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