Covert Surveillance Swindon

Liberton Investigations is a private investigation company with the experience and resources to provide expert covert surveillance in Swindon and across the UK. Made up of specialists with backgrounds in law enforcement or the military, our team have the expertise to carry out lawful professional surveillance operations with highly successful outcomes.

Surveillance in Swindon with Liberton Investigations

Surveillance is one of many extremely useful services that we use to establish the truth and gather evidence. It is also a useful tool to find and trace missing people, family members, potential witnesses or people who owe you money. It can also support other investigative techniques. We aim to always gather quality usable evidence with maximum discretion and minimal intrusion and always within the parameters of the law.

Surveillance can become costly due to the resources and equipment used so we work on a prearranged cost basis and have never once exceeded the initial budget set for a client.

If you’re looking for professional and covert surveillance in Swindon, or any other of our extensive investigative services, then we would love to hear from you.

Transparent Pricing

Whilst extremely effective, surveillance can get costly when it requires a lot of resources. We always discuss cost with our clients before starting any work and make sure a set price has been agreed upon.

Always Inside the Law

All surveillance specialists at Liberton have an experienced background in areas such as military, law enforcement or a respective field. This enables us to execute surveillance confidently within the guidelines of the law.

Electronic Surveillance

Our high-tech equipment enables us to monitor illegal or unwanted activity without the need for an operative at a specific location.

Static Surveillance

This kind of surveillance is very targeted, perfect for monitoring a static location, such as a specific building or premises.

Foot Surveillance

Foot surveillance is highly specialised and requires fully trained and experienced operatives for maximum discretion.

Mobile Surveillance

Our trained drivers are equipped with specialist vehicles, covert cameras and various other equipment to carry out complex mobile surveillance without being seen.

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At Liberton we firmly believe that an investigation is a search for a truth and that the correct findings will right a wrong.

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Research & Tracing

Liberton lawfully is able to access a wide range of internet tools to assist us in locating persons who the client needs to find.

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Training & Prevention

Liberton lawfully is able to access a wide range of internet tools to assist us in locating persons who the client needs to find.

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